The current framework - Human Resource Workforce Skills Qualification (HR WSQ) will be phased out by 15 November 2019 and it will be replaced by a new framework called the Skills Framework for Human Resource (SFw HR).

In order to attain the HR WSQ Qualification Track Certification, all required WSQ modules in the Track must be completed on or before 15 November 2019.

By checking on the box below, you acknowledge that you fully understand that 15 November 2019 is the deadline for completion of any Qualification Track enrolled with HCS. HCS will not be in a position to assist those who are not able to successfully complete all modules leading to the HR WSQ Qualification Track Certification by 15 November 2019 as HCS is committed to SSG to observe this deadline. Therefore, HCS will not be allowed to conduct any of the modules under the HR WSQ framework after this date.

目前的框架-人力资源新技能资格(HR WSQ) 将会于2019年11月15日被淘汰,而一个新的框架,即人力资源技能框架 (SFw HR)将会取代它。


通过给以下的方框打勾的方式,您表明您已经完全理解2019年11月15日是完成在HCS注册的任何资格证书系列课程的最后期限。在2019年11月15日之后,HCS将无法协助任何尚未完成人力资源新技能资格系列证书课程模块的学员,因为HCS已经向精深技能发展局承诺会遵守最后的期限。因此, HCS 在此日期之后,将被禁止开办人力资源新技能资格框架下的任何课程。