Instructions 说明:

  1. Please ensure that your full name as per NRIC is spelt correctly as it will be printed on your Statement of Attainment (SOA). A fee is chargeable to reprint the SOA if you provide inaccurate information. 请按照身份证正确拼写您的全名。因为您填写的全名将印在您的能力合格证书(SOA, Statement of Attainment)上。如果您填写了错误的信息,我们将收取一定费用来重印您的SOA。
  2. Please ensure all fields are completed as incomplete forms may delay the registration process. 请确保将正确信息填入所有信息栏中,没有完整填写的表格可能导致推迟注册流程。
  3. Only Singaporeans and Singapore PRs are eligible for subsidy. To qualify for subsidy & SOA, this registration form must be fully completed and proof of citizenship/residency must be shown, in the form of coloured copy of NRIC (both front and back). 课程补助仅限新加坡公民和永久居民申请。如欲申请补助和SOA,请完整填写本注册表格,并且出示公民或者永久居民证明(请提供身份证正反面的彩色副本).
  4. All Terms and Conditions shown overleaf must be complied with. Kindly note in particular items 6, 7, 13 and 14. 后页所附的所有条款和条件都必须获得遵守。请尤其注意条款6,7,13和14。
  5. Indicate mandatory field 带星号(*)的信息栏为必填栏目。




Upload Documents 上传文件


  • Documents to be in jpg, word document or PDF format 请提供jpg, word文档, 或者pdf格式的文件
  • All documents are required for the processing of your application 请提供所有文件,以方便处理您的申请




Terms and Conditions:

All registrations are governed by the following terms and conditions. By submitting your registration to Human Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “HCS”), you agree that you have read, understood, agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
所有课程注册均受以下条款和条件约束。一旦您向Human Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd(以下简称“HCS”)提交注册申请即表示您已阅读,理解,同意并接受本协议规定的所有条款和条件。

1. Participation 注册条件

1.1 Registration is open to all Singapore Citizens (“SCs”), Singapore Permanent Residents (“PRs”) and foreigners. 所有新加坡公民,新加坡永久居民和外籍人士均可报名注册。

1.2 An email confirmation regarding the details of your registration will be sent to you within one working day after acceptance of your registration. 在收到您的注册申请后一个工作日内,您将收到一封关于您的注册详细信息的确认邮件。

1.3 Full payment must be received by our office no later than fourteen (14) days before course commencement date. 本公司必须最迟在开课前十四(14)天收到全额付款。

2. Number of Participants 上课人数

The number of participants is restricted to the maximum allowed for each course so as to ensure a trainer/participant ratio that will facilitate an effective training outcome. Some courses may require a minimum number of participants before it can proceed and participants will be duly informed if there is a need to cancel a class. Please see clause 9.上课人数限制在每门课允许的人数上限,以确保培训师/学员的比率能够促成有效的培训成果。有些课程可能需要至少达到人数下限才能开课,如果课程需要取消,学员将收到正式通知。详情请参阅第9项。

3. Fees 费用

3.1 All course fees indicated are full course fees before prevailing GST (Goods and Service Tax). 所有注明的课程费用都是不包括现行消费税(GST)全额课程费用。

3.2 Subsidized fees apply to eligible Singapore Citizens/ PRs ONLY. Foreigners not eligible for any funding must pay the full course fees. 补助后的费用仅对新加坡人/永久居民适用。 不符合任何补助条件的外国人必须支付全额课程费用。

Participants are to inform HCS their subsidy type, and furnish HCS with relevant support documents. Any change of subsidy type must be updated before module commencement. After module commenced, CHANGE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. 学员需要告知HCS他们的补助类型,并且向HCS提供相关的支持文件。一旦补助类型发生任何变更,学员必须在开课前通知HCS。一旦开课,恕无法进行任何更改。

Foreigners not eligible for any funding must pay the full course fees. 外籍人士无法申请任何补助,必须支付全额课程费用。

3.3 Course fees are subject to change. 课程费用可能变化。

Participants who fail to complete the course(s) after commencement shall be liable to pay the full fees indicated. Failure to complete includes: 开课之后未能完成课程的学员,必须支付注明的全额费用。‘未能完成’包括如下情况:

i. Withdrawal from the course 退出课程

ii. Failure to achieve a 75% attendance 出席率低于75%

iii. Failure to be assessed as competent for the course 课程评估结果为“尚未具备能力”

iv. Termination due to a breach of the terms and conditions 由于违反条款和条件而终止协议

4. Attendance 出席率

A minimum of 75% attendance is required for each course taken. 每门课程的出席率至少要达到75%。

5. Certification/Qualification 认证/资格证书

A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded by SSG when a participant attains a 75% attendance and is assessed to be competent in a competency course. The SOA may be accumulated to obtain further certification and qualification. 在能力课程中,当学员的出席率达到75%,并且获评估为“具备能力”,学员将获得一份由SSG颁发的合格证明(SOA)。当累积的SOA满足规定,可以申请获得进一步的认证和资格证书。

6. Payment 付款

Payment for course fees must be made in full prior to the commencement of the class. Payment may be made by: 课程费用必须在开课前,获得全额支付。付款方式如下:

  • Cash or credit card at our office during office hours between 9.00am and 6.00pm, Mondays to Fridays OR (在办公时间,周一到周五,早9时到晚6时),前往我们的办公室,以现金或者信用卡支付,或者
  • Crossed cheques drawn on an SGD account, made payable to ‘Human Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd' ("HCS"). Please write your name, module code, and date of module commencement on the back of your cheque 提供以新元账户开具的划线支票,收款人部分写上‘Human Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd’(“HCS”)。请在支票背面写上您的姓名,课程号,以及开课日期
  • PayNOW
  • Bank Transfer 银行转账

7. Withdrawal Policy 退课条款

At least two weeks’ written notice prior to course commencement is required for any withdrawal. There will be no cash refund but a course credit of equivalent value valid for six months will be issued to the applicant. 任何退课,必须在开课前至少两周以书面形式通知HCS。HCS将不会提供现金退款,但是申请人可以在六个月内上另外一门等值学分的课程。

8. Request for Change 请求更改

Under special arrangements, you may request for variations in your registration. This may be a request for substitution/replacement or postponement of commencement date or inter-course transfer. All requests for change must be made in writing and received by us no later than two weeks before course commencement date 在特殊安排下,您可以申请更改您的注册内容,如请求换课或者推迟上课日期,或者调换课程。所有更改申请必须以书面形式提交,并且由我们在开课至少两周前收到。

8.2 All requests for change are subject to review, verification and acceptance by HCS. HCS will send you a written notification within one week from the date of receipt of your request. 所有的更改申请需要经过HCS的审查,核实和接受。HCS将在收到您的申请之后的一星期内向您发送一份书面通知。

8.3 You are allowed to submit only ONE request for change for every course registered. Please consider your choice of dates and courses carefully when submitting your registration. Once the change is effected, you will not be allowed to withdraw from the course or reverse the request. If there is a shortfall in fees between the initial course registered and the new course, you are required to pay the difference. However, you will be given a course credit for use in subsequent registrations if there is an excess. 对于您注册的每一门课程,您只有一次更改机会。请在提交注册之前慎重选定您的上课时间和课程。一旦更改生效,您将不能退课或者撤销请求。如果新课程比原课程贵,您需要支付差额。如果原课程比新课程贵,超出的部分可以用来支付下一次课程注册。

9. Amendments, Cancellations and Modifications 修正,取消和修改

HCS reserves the right to amend, cancel, modify or withdraw any courses offered, including course fees and commencement dates, without assigning any reasons whatsoever. In such instances, HCS will give notice to the participant by phone, mail or electronic communication at the last known address kept with the Company or at such other address as the participant shall designate in writing. The participant will have the option to register for an alternative date or ask for a full refund of the fees paid. HCS保留修正,取消,修改或者撤回任何提供的课程,包括课程费用和开课日期的权利,而无需提供任何理由。在这种情况下,HCS将通过公司保留的最后的已知地址,或者学员以书面形式指定的任何其他地址,以电话,邮寄或电子通讯的方式通知学员。学员将可以选择注册另一个日期的课程,或者要求全额退还已经支付的费用。

10. General Conduct 行为准则

Participants are expected to be considerate and observe appropriate conduct in class. Smoking and eating in class are strictly prohibited. HCS reserves the right to request participants to leave the class because of misconduct. 学员在课堂上应为他人着想,并遵守适当的行为准则。课堂上严禁吸烟和饮食。HCS保留要求行为不当的学员离开课堂的权利

11. Dress Code 着装要求

Participants are to dress appropriately when attending class. For your comfort, you are advised to bring a sweater/jacket when you come for class. HCS reserves the right to refuse admission to participants who are not properly attired. 学员上课需着装得当。为了确保舒适,建议您带一件毛衣/外套来上课。HCS保留拒绝着装不当的学员上课的权利。

12. Disclaimer, Indemnity and Liability 免责声明,赔偿和责任

Human Capital (Singapore), its management, facilitator, advertising agency and/or employees cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, bodily injury and/or liability sustained by any participant or expenses incurred by any participant and his/her organisations arising directly or indirectly from the modification, alteration, cancellation or termination of any of its courses/programmes other than the refund of the fees applicable. 人力资本(新加坡) 其管理人员,导师,广告代理和/或员工,对以下情况概不负责:任何学员遭受的任何损失,损害,人身伤害和/或责任,或者由任何学员及其组织因其任何课程/活动获得修改、变更、取消或终止(适用费用的退款除外)而直接或间接引致的费用。

13. Confidentiality 保密条款

Your registration will be kept with us in accordance with our privacy policy. All personal information shall be collected and used for administrative purposes only and in compliance with the standards set out under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012. Please visit our website at to view our policy 我们将根据我们的隐私政策保管您的注册信息。所有的个人信息将仅出于行政目的并以符合2012年颁布的个人资料保护法令(PDPA)规定的方式获得收集和使用。请点击链接查看我们公司的隐私政策:。.


The current framework - Human Resource Workforce Skills Qualification (HR WSQ) will be phased out by 15 November 2019 and it will be replaced by a new framework called the Skills Framework for Human Resource (SFw HR).
目前的框架-人力资源新技能资格(HR WSQ) 将会于2019年11月15日被淘汰,而一个新的框架,即人力资源技能框架 (SFw HR)将会取代它。

In order to attain the HR WSQ Qualification Track Certification, all required WSQ modules in the Track must be completed on or before 15 November 2019.

By checking on the Declaration/Confirmation section below, you acknowledge that you fully understand that 15 November 2019 is the deadline for completion of any Qualification Track enrolled with HCS. HCS will not be in a position to assist those who are not able to successfully complete all modules leading to the HR WSQ Qualification Track Certification by 15 November 2019 as HCS is committed to SSG to observe this deadline. Therefore, HCS will not be allowed to conduct any of the modules under the HR WSQ framework after this date.
通过给以下声明/确认部分打勾的方式,您表明您已经完全理解2019年11月15日是完成在HCS注册的任何资格证书系列课程的最后期限。在2019年11月15日之后,HCS将无法协助任何尚未完成人力资源新技能资格系列证书课程模块的学员,因为HCS已经向精深技能发展局承诺会遵守最后的期限。因此, HCS 在此日期之后,将被禁止开办人力资源新技能资格框架下的任何课程。

Updated 28 May 2019


I declare that the information given in this form is correct. I understand that failure to fulfill a minimum of 75% attendance for the course registered, failure to obtain the Statement of Attainment, absenteeism, any wilful breach of terms and conditions as stipulated in the registration form or wrongful declaration on my part will render this application null and void and I will be liable to pay the full course fee. 本人声明本表格中所提供的信息是正确的。本人了解,未能在所注册的课程中获得至少75%的出席率,未能获取能力合格证明(SOA),缺课,故意违反注册表格中的条款和条件,或因本人错误提供的声明,将导致本申请无效,并且本人有责任支付全额课程费用。

I have understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions stated above.

I undertake to declare any changes to my citizenship/residency, if any.

* Please print this application page and save a copy for reference before you click submit registration.
* 请在点击提交注册前,打印此申请页,并保留一份副本以作参考。

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